FAST channel video resolution

The series BULL is available on FAST channel ION and OTA channel ION 54.1 in my area.

My TV reports the OTA channel is broadcasting 720p (16:9) in Stereo. How can I determine if the same program on the FAST channel has poorer, same, or better resolution?

Note: the FAST channel streaming would use internet data allotment whereas the OTA channel would not.

There are two ways I’ve found to make sure you record on OTA versus FAST, and so far, only one of them guarantees it.

  1. Set to record ONLY on one station. This can be found when you’re looking at the series information or previous recordings under the “Recording Options” section. There is a section there for “Channel.” Sadly, this can be difficult if you’re trying to save an entire series and it’s on multiple stations since it won’t let you do this multiple times or pick multiple stations.
  2. Remove the station you do not want to record on by going into your guide setup and unchecking it. Set up your recording for “all” or however you’d like. Wait a little bit, then re-add that station you’ve unchecked. This should default to the type/station you want but still use the backup type if you have a conflict.

I’m in the opposite boat. My ION is 480 and I prefer to record on the FAST station. I think it was my own fault when I changed hard drives and wanted to record all again. I still have a conflict with new episodes so I had to set that one up on a separate Tablo, for All but one station.

In the future, maybe @TabloEngineering could make the recording channels more of a multiple choice option (it looks that way right off the bat). That would be great. I know they’ve been making improvement after improvement with each update and I hope they can find a way to combine aspects of each app so they all have the same look/feel/consistency.

Again, this has worked for me, but making a change to your recording schedule might change this back. If it works, please let me know. I’ve only needed to do this for one show and it took me over a day of trying things!

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I think they were asking where you can see the details to determine which is higher quality, not how to specify it record from a specific source.

Non technician, generally streaming platforms use some adaptive bit rate protocol. It allows the video quality to vary for various reasons. Try to avoid Wikipedia for specific reference, but here it’s quick:

This means the streaming channels likely aren’t rated at any constant resolution. One more -