Farewell to Tablo, Selling my 2 tuner

After the fiasco in November, with Tablo and Comcast blaming each other for the ongoing LPW problems, and me in the middle, I wasn’t sure what to do. Finally decided to try another system and see if I still had LPW/picture issues. Guess what Tablo? No, I don’t have “streaming issues” you said was my internet streaming speed, or my Roku streaming speed. Nope. Internet still streaming at 29 MBPS, and in fact, with Tivo, I have no LPW issues using either Roku, Amazon, Netflix. I can use the Roku or not, picture is excellent, channels come in well (except for the ABC channels which don’t come in well for any inside antennas around here), and 4 tuner recording. I had to spend a little more money, but I am a happy camper. Super easy set-up. No more stress. Wish I had done it while Tablo was still under warranty. So, as much as I hate to admit it that Comcast was right about the problem not being with them, they were. I again tested the roku streaming speed and it is still not as low as Tablo said. I don’t need it except for Sling TV-which I pay for during basketball season to see the games for my favorite team. Too bad Amazon doesn’t accept Tablo’s as part of their trade-in program, I’d be on that in a heartbeat.

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Quel prix?


Glad you found a solution that works for you!