Fake "Weak Signal" error caused by Auto-Delete Recordings not deleting recordings

I’ve learned that whenever I get a “Weak Signal” error that means that my hard drive is full, so I go and delete some recordings until the “Weak Signal” error goes away.

This makes me wonder why Auto-Delete is not deleting my recordings, or at least, not deleting enough of them to prevent the “Weak Signal”/a.k.a “your hard drive is full so you can’t watch Live TV” error. I don’t use the Protect feature so none of them are “Protected”.

Finally, this confluence of problems highlights the fact that there is no Delete Multiple Recordings feature, which means i have to delete recordings one by one until Live TV works again.

This use case highlights my three biggest complaints about the Table:

Mislead “Weak Signal” errors
Auto-Delete Recordings doesn’t work
No Delete Multiple Recordings feature

  1. Auto-delete works for me. What is the make and model of your HDD?
  2. How full does your HDD get to report this error?

@jeff How’re things going since this post? Not sure if we heard from you - if you’re still having issues, feel free to send us a ticket.

I haven’t had a problem since my post. At the moment my 500GB HDD has 38 GB of free space and Live TV is still working.

Have the devs bought into the idea of not reporting hard drive errors w/ an error message that mentions “Weak Signal”? That would help a lot of users.