Failure to watch whole recording

so i have some shows i record(5 hours i think), some awards shows, ect that if i start watching via the web interface and it buffers about an hour and a half of the recording and i pause it and then resume it never starts to buffer anymore and there for when i get to the end of the 1.5h buffered content it stops.

anyone else see this?

It’s hard to follow your question… but yes, this Tablo release (including the web app and android app) during the firmware release of 2.1.14 have been horrific!

I personally have lost the ability to use Tablo on the native android tablet player, all atom processor (windows) tablets, and all my chromecast devices. Basically, Tablo video playback works with my Roku 3 via eithernet and that’s it. So I’m not surprised to hear you report an issue.

As am I… just wait for the next version releases and hope for the best. It certainly can’t get worse. This is not a good month to be a Tablo user.