Failed to Record

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I had American Ninja Warrior (rec all new) fail to record last night.

American Experience (rec specific episodes) aired simultaneously and did record.

Both channels were flashing/tune in the live TV view on iPad app.

ANW never showed up in the recordings section (failed or otherwise).

I have been having the same thing happen since the 2.2.2 update.

Sorry you are having the same problem but now people won’t think I’m crazy.

I had it happen yesterday during daytime shows.

It’s happening again right now. This is getting ridiculous.

I have my wife’s Rachael Rae recording right now. It shows up in Live TV on NBC with the channel icon flashing or blinking red. I go to recordings & it is not there. We have the scheduled recording to record new episodes.

I just rebooted the box before this show came on.

This needs to at least be acknowledged by Tablo so we know they are aware of it.

Please Tablo we need for your DVR to work again…


P.S. I did go under settings on the web app & it does show the hard drive as being connected.

Linking to this issue which which the same failure to record discussion is also taking place: Why didn't my show record?

Hey guys - We’ll be looking at this issue closely today. The engineering team will be looking at the information you’ve already shared here but if you can please let us know the following things about the recordings that would be awesome:

  • What show you scheduled (Title, Air Date, Air Time & Channel)
  • Where you’ve set the schedule (from Live TV screen or from the TV, movies or sports screen)
  • What device you set it on
  • Whether you can see/watch the recording from some or none of the devices you have for viewing

If you’re willing, send a note to again with the title ‘Missing Recordings Issue - Details Inside’ with your MAC address and we can examine your database to see if there is evidence of why this is occurring.

  • set to record from TV section
  • either iPad or Chrome (can’t remember)
  • can’t see the recording listed on any device

will send a note with mac address, also.