Failed to Load- Item not Found?

What in the world does this mean? So confusing! The Commercial Skip feature isn’t working either. So frustrating! I have the latest firmware, commercial skip feature is on and just recently installed an attic antenna with very good reception. Receiving stations, that were never available before. If you want to record, you should be able to select “RECORD” and be done with it. Very unreliable at the moment. And, someone should be available on the weekends to respond to questions.

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Failed to mention, using Apple TV 4K and using a WiFi connection Netgear55-5G. Thanks!

It means the index pointers can’t find the file on the hard disk. I’ve jus encountered this myself and have generated a service ticket. I suspect it’s more a problem due to tvOS 13.0 than the Tablo box.

I’ve also seen the Failed to Load - Item not Found message in the past few days. I was just about to wander to the TV and look for other hints.

forgot to add…
Apple TV 4K, OS version 13.2, ethernet connection.

Using a Tablo Quad model TQNS4B-02-CN.

Sometimes restarting the Apple TV 4K will eliminate the error temporarily and we can watch the recording.

All works A-OK with viewing recordings via the Safari browser. And Commercial Skip works OK much of the time.