Failed recordings needs direct link to TV Show view

@matb33 @TabloTV The “failed” view within recordings is nice, but begs the question… What can I do with this?

I would like to be able to access the ‘TV Show’ view of the show and select another show time to record that failed episode. A “showings” button next to “delete episode” would be nice, or maybe, a tab of “showings” in the seasons header could be used throughout the interface to provide access to the shows ‘TV Show’ data via one click.

This is such a simple desire but it takes forever due to the number of clicks to switch views, then the view load times make it feel like a waste of time, and the scrolling, scrolling, scrolling (TV Show, “All” is the worst place in all of Tablo… I don’t think the ‘next page’ feature even works right)… So then the scrolling was in vain!

It’s great to be able to see failed recordings as they occur (it would be even better to see the reason code for the failure) but in the end, knowledge without actionable options is pointless and frustrating. This is my two cents. I hope you have a plan to expand the functionality in this new view.