Failed recordings issues

I have one Tablo that I mainly use for beta testing, and I haven’t hooked an antenna up to it for maybe 9 months. I had one scheduled program set to record every weekday, so I have 200 failed recordings. :open_mouth:

There are two issues that I have found.

  1. Trying to delete all failed or all recordings causes the delete button to show the spinning icon for around a minute, but then it stops and deletes just 25 of them. It did it a few times, so I am down to 125 now.
  2. I have “Keep last 10” as a setting, but that apparently is ignored when the recordings fail.

I know this is not a typical use case for the Tablo, but I wanted to bring it up.

The current code of the web app does process deletions in batches of 25 so it’s to be expected (for now).

Try deleting them via Roku. It should do them all at once.

Keep X does indeed not count failed recordings in its count.

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I was using the web interface from my PC. I switched to the Roku, and it deleted them all at once.

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