Failed Recordings, Delete All

Generally when I have failed recordings it is on many shows. When I use the failed recordings sections I currently need to click inside of each show to delete the failed recordings. Please add the function to delete all failed recordings ( a global button for all failed recording shows ) without going into each show, this would save lots of time ( and less frustrating ).

Thank you…JGM


Interesting request. Why are your recordings failing? Poor OTA signal? Why not try to fix the signal with a better and / or bigger antenna?

Brand new indoor antenna, I am about 35 miles from the towers and lots of building to interfere with the signal. I may end up installing a roof antenna, for now the delete all failed would save me lots of time and frustration.

What is the make and model of the indoor antenna? I went through 5 antennas before finding one the worked well.

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I have tried many indoor antenna, Mohu and others, this is my first powered antenna and it grabs 66 of the 69 channels in my area so I was content with the purchase I made. The problem is there are several towers coming from different directions and the spot in the house where I have placed the antenna seems to have the best reception. With the weather changing I imagine the reception on any given day could better or worse. I noticed with the weather warming up the reception seems to be worse ( more failed recording than a month ago ). Until I install a roof antenna I will have no choice but to accept the fact that I will see failed recordings which is why I suggested the global failed recordings deletion function ( I imagine others that live in apartments, condos, etc might see the same issue I am having )…JGM

While I realize this was meant to be helpful advice, I’m not sure if it was intended as an actual solution for the OP’s stated problem… but it isn’t.

There are times when the weather at my house is particularly bad and I’ll have multiple shows fail to record (or be so terribly choppy that they’re unwatchable), usually from stations whose signals are barely strong enough to receive during ideal conditions. Having a way to get rid of all the failed or low-signal garbage (like managing it in a consolidated list) would be very useful.

There will always be cases where recordings will fail for one reason or another - changing your antenna doesn’t negate that fact. A larger antenna could just pull in additional weak-signal stations that would have the same problem. It’s sort of like a telling someone with a clogged drain to buy a larger sink to hold more water rather than unclogging the drain… it might do the trick for that specific instance, but isn’t a fix for the core issue.

I rate this poor-signal-causes-reboot the biggest problem out there.

That’s an excellent point about a better Antenna pulling in weaker channels, and then you have a similar problem to the one you started with.

So, the “bad” channels cause collateral damage, hurting “good” signals.

This has to be obvious to the Tablo people, so it really must be difficult issue.