Failed Recordings Aggregation - Where did you go?

So there used to be a place where I could go to clean up all failed recordings. They were all grouped together nicely in one place. Why is this gone? Or was it just moved and I can’t find it?

I just want to clean up failed recordings without having to search for possible failures under every program.

Please tell me this feature is not gone.

I don’t recall ever seeing that feature. What specific app/client was that in?

I use FireTV. If memory serves me, it was in the recordings menu below the “All, Recent, TV Shows, Movies, Sports” filters.

I hadn’t used it since earlier this year probably. So I don’t know when it was removed. Could have been all the way back when commercial skip was implemented. I’m really not sure. But it was very nice to have all titles with failures in one place.

I also don’t recall that feature.

However, a week ago while using Tablo Ripper to rip recordings to my PC I noticed 6 to 8 recordings at the top of my recordings list that showed that they were still recording several hours after they should’ve been completed. I went into the Tablo app and found that they had all failed due to weak signal. Apparently my local station had made some changes and I had to rescan and save the new station information. Anyway, it was very easy to delete all of the failed recordings in Tablo Ripper. I don’t know if this will help you or not, just my experience.

Thanks. I actually just discovered that since my original post. Using ripper for the first time this year and realized that they are all indicated with an *. I probably never noticed this before because there weren’t any. For years I cleaned them up from the FireTV app!

So yes I suppose I can use ripper to locate and delete but I still don’t understand why such a helpful feature was removed.

Hi ZepGuy and All,

I agree that the Failed category heading in Recordings has been eliminated from most, if not all, clients.

I used to use it often on my iPhone, but a recent update removed it from there. It also used to be in the Chrome rendering on a Win10 PC, but seems to be gone there as well. EDIT: I just checked now, and once the syncing completed in Chrome on the Win10 PC, I do now have the Failed category heading presented, with 4 entries.

ZepGuy is likely right, too (as I can’t remember) if the fireTV app had it.

+1 from me for voting to have it added back into at least one of the Tablo-provided clients. Although I do like the tip of looking for these through TabloRipper.

My family and I (as the dad) really like the Tablo. But the inconsistent idiosyncrasies like this catch my eye. And I do try recording from channels that occasionally fade out to be weak reception and thus have failed recordings. The Failed category made it easy to clean them up (and know that they failed).

Not to divert too much, but I’ve figured out that for me it’s easier to figure out episodes to protect for a series via the new fireTV app (because it shows a thumbnail image from each), then use the Roku app to delete the unwanted duplicate, now unprotected instances–fewer arrow presses. My use case for this is that our local affiliate for LAFF presents shows as 4:3, even if they were natively produced as 16:9 aspect. But now another LAFF affiliate reaches us, with 16:9 and usually well enough to do Commercial Skip. So my wife and I are having all episodes of Home Improvement and According to Jim record, then culling down to protecting only 16:9 versions with Commercial Skip. I won’t admit that maybe we have a bit of OCD in play for both of us.

Cheers! ~~ Statmanmi

The web-based app at is the only app that has the ‘failed’ filter at the moment because it’s one of the few apps still using our old back-end communication method.

I enjoy it myself so I’m hoping we can add it to the new back-end system which would allow us to bring it to the newer style apps.

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That would be great. Thanks for the reply!