Failed ethernet port

My wired ethernet port stopped working for no apparent reason. No activity lights on the switch and it doesn’t show up in the router. I switched to wifi, of course, but much prefer a wired connection. Any ideas? My Tablo is more than a year old and I haven’t looked into warranty but seems unusual this would happen.

what is it plugged into? If its something like a switch, verify that its not the the port on the switch. I’ve had one go out on me before

Check the cable, mate. I had one go bad too. It turned out that it had been pinched in the door at one time and that somehow broke it.

Mine failed too and is out of warranty and can only use wireless. Dont know how/if it can be fixed and tablo states they cannot repair and that I must buy another/refurb sadly. It works, but I prefer to have it connected directly. Now it sits on the shelf because of it.

so they do die (the network ports)… it happened to me…