Factory reset on Tablo Quad

Thank everyone in advance for your help.
I want to reset my Tablo Quad. I have external SATA. For convenience, I would like to do a reset with no cable or SATA connection. Just plugged in to power. How can I do that?

Thank you for your expertise.

What is external SATA? It is usually an internal SATA HDD or external USB HDD that you can use with the Tablo.

I know eSATA ports exist but the Tablo Quad doesn’t have one.

Here is a link on how to perform a factory reset.

Thanks for the response.
I should have said external HD. My point is I just want to plug the Tablo into the wall detached from the ext. drive and coax as a matter of convenience.
The instructions are factory reset with the drive attached. Can I reset by simply plugging into wall? How would I do it?

It is not recommended you run your Tablo without a HDD connected to it, even for just live TV watching on one tuner.

Do you not want to record anything ever?

Read the following thread and its contained links.


There’s a possibility when you connect the drive -with tablo’s data on it- to a fresh, factory reset, tablo it may “think” you’re migrating your drive to a new table.

When you connect to it and see every thing, it’s like it didn’t work. Unless you’re not going to connect the same drive or you delete the /DB directory.

At least this has been my experience.