Factory reset on quad

On install, internet failed and when I restarted the install, the quad would not send the wifi signal. Did a factory reset, but now it just slowly blinks (for several hrs).

How did you do the factory reset?

Pressed reset and let it reboot, then pressed reset for 7 seconds, and here we sit just slowly blinking away.

Usually the slowly blinking means it cannot connect to your network.

I actually don’t know how to factory reset the new QUAD. There are 2 ways, but the steps are either for the DUAL or older devices with external storage.

If you read my problem, then you can see I followed those instructions.

All I can suggest is you try to factory reset the unit again. If should broadcast a WiFi network with the name Tablo_XXXX.

Or open a support ticket directly with Tablo to get them to work you through the step by step setup process.

Last option would be just to hard wire your Tablo with an Ethernet cable to go your router rather than using WiFi.

We’d be happy to take a look at the unit from our end. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), or to send an email if you prefer.

Resolved that problem, however now I cannot connect to my original DUAL.

You have to use the “disconnect” feature / button to switch between Tablo units.

I disconnected, but it tells me check my connections, that there is no internet, but I can immediately connect to the new quad

If I try to edit wifi on the DUAL, it still tells me no connection made, no internet.

Can you see the Tablo DUAL connected to your router under the router status page? Try rebooting (not factory resetting) the DUAL.