Extra USB Port or A Way to Input DVDs I Own, etc

Hi all,

I am really enjoying this Tablo and wonder if there is a way to record DVDs I own. At the present time, I am ripping them to MP4 fills to put on a external hard drive - my TV will allow me to access 4,000 files from a USB hard drive which is great so like I say, we are ripping DVDs and CDs to that drive.

Because Tablo will allow me to access videos recorded from OTA, it would be great if I could incorporate my DVDs, etc. with these shows, movies, etc. Is there a way to do that? Or might Tablo company think of giving us access to input these via the extra USB port in the future? Jan

PS It would be nice to edit the TV shows, movies, etc. to remove commercials - is there a way to do this or might this be a feature coming down the pike from Tablo?

Oh, one last question, since I can get all my stations now, will the Tablo pick up these stations that might have shows I have already said “record all” on or do I have to go back and reselect all my shows to make sure that will be recorded off these newly add stations?

Glad you are enjoying your Tablo. While the Tablo will very likely never give you access to other recordings, you should be able to use the Plex app to combine your Tablo recordings with your other ripped content. That way you have access to everything in a single app.

I would also be very surprised if Tablo implements a commercial removal solution, but you can copy your recordings to a computer and then use software to remove commercials, which can then be played back on something like Plex.

While I don’t know the answer to your last question, an easy to way to check is to just look at the schedule of any of your shows. See if it lists multiple channels or just the original one.

Regarding your last question that is another one of the great benefits of using Tablo. The scheduling is “program specific” instead of relying on a particular channel.

For instance Decades aired a Donna Reed Marathon and I selected to record ALL Donna Reed Episodes. Well when the marathon was over MeTV started airing The Donna Reed show and Tablo started recording those episodes without me having to make any changes.