Extra time on recordings

I currently have the extra time for live recordings tab on but I’ve noticed in the two months I’ve had my Tablo every recording has had extra time. CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD, PYRAMID, MATCH GAME all typically recorded with an extra 15 minutes. I’ve recorded several PRICE IS RIGHTS, those recorded about an extra 5 minutes though one did an extra hour. The final part of the Jon Benet Ramsey special last night that was two hours the Tablo recorded three for it.

I know the extra time for live recordings tab is supposed to be for only LIVE coded events but does this also effect all recordings? Should I turn it off or do all shows automatically get random extra time added on?

I think Tablo adds an extra 5 minutes to all recordings (unless the tuner is needed for another task). Live shows like sports events and series finales get 50% more time, I think.

Thank you @ddd671 that would make sense the final episode of the mini series got an extra hour of recording time.