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I have an Android TV HEVC M308 4000k box. I had to use my.tablotv.com through Chrome utilizing an external player (MX Player from GooglePlay) in order for my audio to sync. Installed the latest update on May 3 and guess what? The ability to use an external player DISAPPEARED from the settings. Now I have the jerky video and audio sync problems again with the player that they decided to “build in.” THIS IS CRAP! Either give me a way to uninstall the latest update and roll it back to last one where I COULD USE an external player (which worked beautifully with Chrome, by the way! Why mess with something that works!), or get this issued fixed PRONTO! Let ME choose to use your crappy player or my own external. Yeah, it’s one more step to choose when watching my live stream, but it WORKS on my HEVC M308 box.

Sounds like a support ticket is the way to go…

The Tablo app is supported on the Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield, and Fire TV. Rest of the Android boxes are just tablets in a fancy box with an HDMI output - all causing problems for the Tablo app.

Well technically the Tablo app supports “Android TV” boxes, which are all based on Android 5.0 - see the link below.

Your device is running Android 4.4 which makes it not an “Android TV” box, it is just an Android box. Yes I am being technical which is annoying but it explains why the app doesn’t work on your device.

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Your Android box is a dud. Get a real Android TV box.

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