External HD Not Detected After Tablo Update

Had an update to my Tablo QUAD OTA DVR. After the update I was instructed to re-format the external HD. Unplugged the power supply, unplugged the HD, reconnected the HD, re-powered the Tablo, went through the reformat process. Reformat identified the HD by name and re-formated. When finished formatting I was told I needed an external HD for recording. The settings panel is not detecting the HD i just formatted.

After the re-formats, I connected the HD to a PC and a Macbook Pro. Got a dialog box stating the HD was “unsupported.” Did the Tablo format delete the OS structures and make it a Tablo only formatted HD?

Tablo formats drives with EXT4, Windows and Apple devices don’t recognize it. I think EXT4 came from the unix world.

You shouldn’t have had to format your drive just because of a firmware update.

This would suggest it recognizes a drive connected as apposed to “you need to connect a drive” even though you have… as there may be nothing wrong with the drive.
Sadly you just formatted it and lost all your recordings (although it does warn you “This will erase all of it’s contents”).

Thank you, you are correct.

Tablo took remote control of the unit. Detected a failing cable, replaced it with a new from in the bag cable, not it. Tablo tried to format the HD from their end and could not. They believed there was a bad sector in the HD. Replaced the HD, formatted and all is good.