External connections not working

Got a new tp link router. Doing the two nat port forwarding rules, enabled, is not working to allow external connections.

I am trying browser and android app–just in case one of the two android apps are the issue.

I wonder if I need to DMX something.

Make sure the IP address of the Tablo didn’t change with the router swap.

Is it that I need to port forward, plus add same in virtual servers, plus reserve the ip of the tablo in the dhcp server?

Doing an IP reservation for the Tablo means you won’t have to change the port forwarding later, so that’s a good thing.

Yes you need to set up the two required port forwards.

I don’t know what you mean by virtual servers. That’s not a Tablo term.

I think he means virtual lans (VLANs).

Anything is possible, I guess. How many Tablo users use VLANs? Also, what does DMX in the original post mean?

Some routers use different terminologies.

Virtual Servers is the same as Port Forwarding.

Also, I believe the OP meant DMZ instead of DMX.

OK, that sorta makes sense. I’ve never had one that called it that. I guess the tried and true networking terms are to esoteric for end users? :wink:

So what happens if you just plug the tablo into the router and don’t set up port forwards? At the moment using the android app externally. The shows say how many minutes remain but it starts at the beginning. I tried actually tapping the word resume, did not make a difference.

If remote connections work at all, then the port forwards are in place. If you have uPNP enabled on the router, then the Tablo was probably able to create them automatically.

The shows always starting at the beginning is a totally different issue and is discussed in another thread. Nothing to do with port forwarding, though it might be a remote connection only bug.

Thanks. Found that thread. I set ot down because of buffering over LTE. I guess I could put it back and see how bad it gets or deal. Haven’t been doing bad with remembering where I was but Sprint LTE is alas not optimal. :slight_smile: