Expand your customers and user database - release a TabloTV plug-in for Kodi (XBMC)

title says it all

i  would  go  for  that  i  am   a  big  xbmc   kodi  fan  and  there  are  hundred  of  cord  cutters   use  kodi  a   smart  move  if  it  can  work  with tablo 


Maybe FireTV then XBMC - pls&ty.

We’ve got a few Kodi fans in the office @7up… No ETA now but we know it would be very helpful to have. 

Personally, a dedicated Fire TV/Android TV app would be much preferable however you need to prioritize where your resources are going to grow your customer/user base.     The development time for a Kodi plug in would be minimal and you would give yourself exposure to a large established and active user base.     

We hear you on the FireTV/AndroidTV side of things too. That’s 100% on the do-to list.