Excellent Customer Service

I recently had the opportunity to contact Tablo customer service. If only all cable, electronics and retail firms exhibited the same customer-centric attitude that Tablo customer service does. After a two minute delay, I talked with Matthew about an issue. He asked some questions, looked up my Tablo MAC address, concluded that the device was defective and offered a replacement; this in the space of four minutes. He was competent, positive, confident and helpful. Bravo Tablo and Matthew.


@oldmangamer Sorry to hear you needed a replacement but glad to hear Matt was able to get you sorted out ASAP :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to pass your kudos along!

I wish I could sing praises for Tablo support as enthusiastically as you do. I agree, that first level of phone support is prompt, courteous and helpful, but it’s once the issue is escalated, where things tend to go askew.

I’m at a point of frustration, and feel the need to vent on a public forum in the hope that I can get some attention paid to me.

I’ve had the Tablo for about 6 months now and a reccuring issue that has not been addressed. A couple times every month my unit has trouble getting back online after its nightly reset. Sometimes it’s ten minutes of a slow blink, but on occasion, like today, it’s been offline for 5 hours and counting. When I do a reboot or a power cycle, on some occasions it works, but all too often, the unit goes operational for a moment, maybe two minutes, sometimes five, and then starts blinking again. The longest it’s been down like that was about 10 hours. It’s an issue for me, as I watch TV overnight.

However, what’s getting me angry is the lack of any solution being offered. I was told the new firmware would help the issue. I waited patienly, through my return window for it to come out. I installed it. It didn’t help.

I spoke with an engineer once who told me it was a firmware issue, but would not answer if it was specific to my unit or systemwide. I called back. I emailed the engineer working my case. I asked if it was my unit and if it may warrant replacement (2 months old at that point). I received no response at all. At this point it’s not returnable. I’m at the mercy of Tablo largesse. I’ll be calling again first thing this morning.

Yes I’d pursue this further. The 2.2.14 firmware should address the bug causing some Tablos to go “dead”, aka it was unresponsive and the blue LED light was off.

However, the slow blinking blue LED usually means the Tablo is not getting an IP address assigned by your router. This sounds more like a networking issue.

  1. Is your Tablo hard wired to your Tablo?

  2. When the LED is blinking, does the Tablo still record shows?

The Tablo is hardwired to the gateway. It’s a Netgear C3700. It has a reserved address on the router.

And yes, recordings that have been programmed do continue unaffected.

I can even continue watching a recording, fast forward, pause, rewind, so long as I don’t exit out of it. But once on a menu screen of any kind. That’s it until the issue is rwsolved.

I put a new service request in overnight, but as usual, around 9 am the Tablo came back on so calling in would seen unproductive. I’m going to give them one more chance to respond without being a jerk.

I am interested in what was done to resolve your issue. I have the same issue with a month old Tablo 2 Tuner. What is this nighty reset? Mine seems to be doing the same thing, can it be turned off? for the last 3 mornings mine has lost its IP(flashing blue light once per second) and mine is hardwired. Its not my router, it has multiple other devices connected and they work. I am at a level of frustration with this brick that i am going to consider returning it.

As far as I know, nothing was done to resolve my issue, but it had been resolved. I contacted tech support. They created a new case and had me put the Tablo in dignostic mode so they could review the logs. I was told they would contact me with a plan of action. I followed up later at the end of the same day and was told that the engineers are looking at my case but it would take some time as the logs were extensive.

I never heard anything again, but the issue is currently resolved, knock on wood. Did they do something on their end? I don’t know. Did the firmware updates do the trick? Maybe. Did I ever get a straight answer to anything? No. That definitely didn’t happen. Good Luck.

It sounds like your Tablo’s losing its IP every night - that’s pretty odd. If you haven’t already, touch base with our support team. We can check it out.