Exact same show on two channels at once, which records?

I live in an area where I can receive two CBS broadcast affiliates. If I go into the guide and select to record NCIS, will the show record twice? One for each channel?

Good question @MichaelB - let me check on that for you.

I have the same problem in Montreal,Qc with the same episode broadcast at the same time on 2 network

It does record both show. 

That cause conflict when I want to record 2 shows during that same time period.

Can you tell it to record a particular channel?
Or could it pick the first one it finds and forget the other?

I put this under the feature request section, we need a feature to control what channel you want to record from for a certain TV series. I have two FOX channels so it wants to record the same show on both stations at the same time(Conflict) We need to be able to select a priority channel based on the TV series.

Series recording is done on series ID, not based on channel, but you can unschedule the recording on one of the channels if you don’t want a double recording. 

Tx for adding that as a feature request though - we’ll see what we can do about a workaround!

Yup.  Me too.

I don’t seem to get double recordings. What happens is it picks the channel I don’t want to record( I think the one Tablo sees as the stronger station). I would rather be able to choose the other station. In my instance it uses channel eight by default but I would rather record from channel 10. Is there a way for me to select the default Channel?

How many default channel settings might be needed. Your conflict is between 8 and 10. But some one might not only have 8 and 10 but also 6 and 15. As well as 39 and 69.

This gets even more complicated. If you are close enough to the Canada/US border, you will find that the same show is on at the same time on 2 channels that are different networks and there is virtually no consistency.

For me, one show will be on 2 (US) and 9 (Canada) but another show will be on 2 (still US) or 41 (Canada). And, to get extra weird, while I will prefer recording from 9 or 41 instead of 2 (as they are more reliable), I have found that 23 (US) is more reliable than 9 (Canada) most of the time and they also share several shows.

What I need is a preferred channel per show option.

Since I have a 2-tuner, this is an even bigger problem when I want to record more than one show at a time.

I schedule manually. It is the only way.

I had to unmark the channel I did not want to record so it wouldn’t show up in my guide. I have since gotten a 2nd Tablo. So this one I have labeled DVR Tablo and the other one is labeled LiVE TV Tablo. The live one has all the channels in the guide.