Evil broadcaster and guide data issues

Hey Tablo Support, is there anything you guys can do with your guide data provider to deal with the insidious broadcaster behaviours of listing a show as starting at 9:59PM or ending at 10:01PM?  You aren’t the only ones dealing with this as all my other recordings in the past had to deal with it, but it is funny how guide data provided externally does not match the guide data used internally, i.e. the Bell TV PVR has start times that totally lineup, but when CTV sends out their show listings they pad the numbers.

Here is a screen capture of what I am talking about, and also where manually managing start time for a show specific schedule would help.

It’s stuff like this that makes having a 2-tuner a problem.  

The easiest way to fix this is to set up a manual recording for Forever and NCIS.  If the Tablo folks tell their provider to only use times that start and stop on the hour or half-hour, then we users are at risk of missing part of a show.

Yea, and this is actually how the broadcasters get you stuck on their shows…:wink:

It’s funny because our neighbour has a DVR provided by his Satellite provider, their guide shows the times as 10:00-11:00PM with no overlap.  Of course up here the Satellite provider IS the broadcaster AND the distributor AND the rights owner to the shows.  The guide discrepancy seems to only affect those of us not buying their Kool-Aid™.

It’s definitely a trick of the broadcasters. The only real way around it is to do a manual recording. 

But like @snowcat said, if you had an extra tuner, it would be less of a problem. :D 

No way I’m buying a 4 tuner Tablo, we don’t have enough channels In Ottawa to justify that.  And the ONLY conflicts I have are because of the guide.

My old solution was mart enough to know that it was already recording on that channel so could deal with some of these conflicts. Not all, but at least those.  :D

This could also be solved by more detailed control of the recording schedule.  As much as I love the ease of setup on Tablo, some times you just need to be able to tweak it a bit.

@luker - Indeed. We loathe complexity but there are occasions (like this) where it would be nice to have a few more dials to tweak. Duly noted.

I have done a test and often times, at least HERE, it really DOES end at 8:01 for example. I check the standard time and it matches when the show’s time slot stops. The next show starts AFTER the hour as shown in the guide. 

I used to have to adjust the DVD recording to compensate as if I stopped recording a show at 8 or at 9, I invariably lost the last few seconds of the show!