Everything fine then, loading

Relatively new tablo user here. I’m using a Tablo Dual and a Mohu Leaf 50. I have a roku 3 hardwired via ethernet, and a roku premiere connected to my network via wifi. The Tablo itself is hardwired. I am in Brooklyn, NY and the antenna has no obstructions in the direction of the transmitting antennas in this area, I’m lucky in that sense. Honestly my reception is clear and generally has no buffering or pixelation. However, almost everyday after an hour or more of perfect viewing, it will start “loading.” it will only load for a few seconds and then the picture will return, but once it has happened once, it will inevitable happen every few seconds for a few seconds and won’t stop. i’ll usually close the app and go back to it later and everything is fine again. this has nothing to do with clouds or inclement weather, so i’m very confused about what exactly is happening. any insight, advice, or similar experiences out there? thanks in advance.

Is this happening on the Roku 3, the Roku Premier, or both?

And what kind of disk drive are you using?

its happening on both. i’m particularly surprised it happens on the hardwired roku 3 though. i’m currently using the internal storage in the dual (long story) but this issue happened when i was using a western digital 1tb drive as well. thanks for the response.

@cparkstee Just ast a test, if you remove the external storage and play a recording or live TV stream just using the internal storage, do you have the same problem?

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