Ethernet port died

It appears my Ethernet port has died on the Tablo, I have went through all the resetting and trouble shooting I can find but the Tablo will not connect via Ethernet. I can get the wireless to work but none the less if the problem is with the unit, it is less than a year old. Please help.

Less than 1 year old should be covered under warranty:

Believe it or not, Ethernet cables have been known to fail unexpectantly. This happened to me with the cable from my cable modem to my wireless router.

Try another Ethernet cable if you have one handy.

There might also be a problem with the other ethernet port, on the router, or network switch that the Tablo is connecting to.

I assume that the ethernet port LED link light is off. And that disconnecting/reconnecting the RJ45 jack on both ports has no affect.

My Roku RJ45 jack link disconnected even time I moved it to dust.

Tried that with a confirmed good cable, no change.

There must be a port virus going around lol mine did the same thing last night support got me up and running on the wifi seems to be working ok but lost all my recordings and had to reformat the drive for the tablo to see it. can’t complain 2 years of trouble free service

There’s quite a few good tests in this thread - have you given any of them a try? We can also walk you through a few of these directly. Just give us a shout :slight_smile: