Establishing websocket connection

4 tuner. I lost antenna to one channel last night. I don’t have a tablet so I use the web based set up. This morning I tried to go into my tablo and got the above message but never connected. 

Thoughts coments?

This is the first step in connecting. I’ve had it get stuck here before and a reset of the tablo helped to get it going. Sorry for the generic “reboot it” but: try tapping the reset button and waiting for it to come back up.

@stevebob Thanks I will give it a try. First time it happened so thought I would ask.

Thanks again

I have had that happen to me also. It usually due to wonky cached info on the device I am using. To fix it I usually close down all browser windows fire it back up and then it works. Using the clear data function in browser should also do the trick.