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Hi @TabloTV @TabloSupport @TabloEngineering … I just wanted to know what the official process for escalating a support ticket is?

I have had a guide data support ticket open since August 3, 2016 regarding incorrect channel data, I appreciate that guide data is done thru a supplier but this issue has been going on now for a couple months with no real resolution …

The gist of the issue is, I receive one “channel 13 - Nashua NH/WCYN” but what is showing up for the actual tv shows/programming guide data is the data for “channel 13 - Portland ME/WGME” … this is obviously wrong.

The “correct” channel data for channel 13-1/13-2 can be found here

What I am seeing in my Tablo guide listing is the WRONG channel data , its for a station in Portland Maine (which I barely get on a good day) … The correct channel 13 is out of Nashua NH {the one I actually DO receive and watch} … what I see in my on-screen tablo guide is the proper station ID (WCYN - Nashua NH) but the programming data is from (WGME - Portland Me) … This is obviously incorrect (and frustrating since its not even remotely close to the same shows, hence the shows I do want to record, don’t get recorded, and shows I don’t want get incorrectly recorded causing problems with the wrong episode from wholly OTHER tv shows occupying slots for shows I do want).

I would like to have this support ticket elevated and get it resolved as quickly as possible, again I know you are working with a 3rd party guide data supplier and these things take time, (but also bear in mind this has been “open” now for nearly 2 months already, I would assume they already know of this issue – I hope)…

Matthew has been trying to get this issue resolved and I do appreciate the time he has put into attempting to get it fixed…

----- text of my original support ticket for reference —
For my zip code 01913,

channel 13-1 WYCNSD1 should be “Hero’s and Icons” network from Nashua NH, however it is not showing this in the guide, Its showing guide data for tv station 13.1 WGMEDT out of Portland ME, instead. Same issue with its subchannel 13-2 …

the correct channel that I physically receive over the air is 13-1 WYCN from Nashua NH.

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@ericgus Hey Eric - I just chatted with our engineers on this! We sent you a note with some next steps. We should be able to sort this out quickly.

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Thanks for your help…!

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Glad we could get it sorted :slight_smile: