Error weak signal recently?

Recently cord cutting 4 channel tablo users. For the most part things have been working fine. I live in an area that should have good signal strength and did for a few months. Recently, I have lost a bunch of channels and have the error weak signal strength message. Tried the router, tablo and hard disk resets to no avail. Rescan for channels often yields nothing. I use Mohu leaf indoors, and it worked pretty well for a while.

How should I trouble shoot. The stations are supposed to be broadcasting less than 10 miles from my house. I still get a few stations well, but have lost pbs and cbs.

Thanks for any help.

Plug the antenna directly into the HDTV and see if you can get the channels.

Which Mohu leaf? Is it amplified? The amplifier could be dead.

What is your zip code? VHF broadcast require something besides Mohu for best performance I have Winegard FL5500A available from Amazon for $50

Ok. Will try tv direct. I have plain un amplified Mohu leaf. Zip is 02445. Should have plenty of reception according to the tables.

I think it’s the reception not the tablo. I’ll try the wine guard product? Is it an amplifier? Or do I need to consider an external antenna? Not optimal, but doable for me, but will require a 20 ft run to the tablo. It’s a bit of experimentation isn’t it? I still don’t understand how things got bad all of a sudden. Got all the channels I wanted when I first installed a few months ago.

The Winegard is amplified. I’m in Austin, TX and can get some stations in Killeen See and look at the RF channel. I saw a few VHF (2-13)

@Santoku - Before you go picking up a new antenna, please touch base with our support team. They can have a look at the signal strength coming through your Tablo:

thanks support will do. Mohu gonna send me a new leaf, maybe that will do the trick?

I will get the data needed for the support form later today. Thanks for looking out for us. The MRS. not happy with my cutting cord decision at the moment, but I refuse to grovel back to the cable company.