Error: Weak Signal 11/05/17

Hello, everyone… My NFL recordings didn’t happen today, due to a weak signal. It’s been drizzling off and on all day just north of Charlotte, NC, but nothing major.

I attempted to rescan my channels just now, and got the following message…

I am able to watch NFL through the tuner in the tv with the same attic antenna positioning just fine. The Tablo has been rebooted twice today with the same results, not able to detect any channels. I occasionally have times of pixellation, but usually on the most distant channels. Any ideas as to what could be happening?

Sounds like a weak signal… Tablo has an internal 4 way splitter ahead of the tuners, which reduces the signal level internally to each tuner. So, if you can see you channels on TV, it’s likely because the signal level to the TV’s tuner is higher than what each tuner inside Tablo sees.

I have rebooted 3 more times, attempted a rescan, and I am now seeing this…

Until today, I have been getting most channels with all the way green on signal strength.

I was thinking that too, but why would it suddenly be a problem? It worked perfectly fine yesterday.

Is your antenna powered? Maybe the amplifier or power inserter died.

Apparently, it was the amplifier. I bypassed it, and can now suddenly get all the channels I need (but one).

Thanks for suggesting that!


What is the amplifier you have? Make and model?

Did it come as part of the antenna?