Error: Weak Signal - 1 channel

I’ve had Tablo for a little less than a year. About 4 months ago, we started getting a message Error:Weak Signal. Previously, it had worked, reasonably well. I went to the FCC (or whatever Federal website) to check signal strength and it says “strong signal” for CBS in my area. Any ideas?

Are you using WiFi?

How far away from the Tablo is your WiFi router?

Deja Vu’ - oh boy … please check out the lengthy discussion about my ‘weak signal - player error’ on this forum … mine started all of a sudden with no rhyme or reason. Still trying to figure it out.

Here is the link to the discussion:

It’s about 25-30 feet. Can’t move it closer.

Thank you very much. Just started to read through the thread. A lot to digest. I’m thinking direction of the antenna and possibly replacing my RCA flat panel antenna and getting a bow tie one like yours to put in my attic. How do I figure out the direction to point either one? Again, thank you

If you go to and put in your address, it will give you a graph and map of all the local broadcast TV towers in your area and will put them in a ‘strongest first’ list. Just look for the compass degrees (like 290 is West, etc.).


Then you can forget about the router-tablo spacing.

So you noticed the reception problem in around 9 May 2018. That is about the time that trees get more leafs.

  1. Are there trees close to your antenna?
  2. Is your antenna pointed toward trees in the distance?
  3. How high is your antenna above the ground?

Posting the chart from tvfool with an indication of which channel is fading would help.