Error/bug on web interface

On the web interface ( using Chrome (mine is Mac), clicking on Recordings - (Show) - (Recorded episode name)
does nothing.

If i clicked on the “Play” button (the triangle in the circle), I can play the episode, but clicking on the episode title just blanks the whole entry, making me have to click the X and select the show cover again to click on Play.

This is only on Chrome. I tried this on Safari, and clicking the title shows the show description, a square preview with the play button, and other options.

Look how the square is empty after I click the episode title.

This is what it should show:
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I don’t see that behavior in Chrome on a Windows 10 PC. Version of Chrome is 83.0.4103.97.

What’s the version of Chrome you’re running on your mac?

Version 83.0.4103.97, same as you.