Erratic, Unpredictable Recording and Playback

If I Manually schedule - say - 5 recordings 1 hour apart,  I cannot rely on all 5  programs  be recorded.

It almost seems  at times the Hard Drive isn’t responding to the Tablo.
Can I have a Hard Drive Problem?

@Tablomike It could be a hard drive issue - what type of drive are you using? We see the best results with USB powered drives under 2TB in size.

It could also be that you have on of the few harddrives that has a “sleep” issue.  So, it goes idle, goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up properly to record.

@Tablomike @cjcox Has the gist of it here. Some drives that are featured as ‘greener’ drives because they use less power and actually go to sleep - though they and can be difficult to wake up. We’re actively working on expanding compatibility with these drives, so there are improvements coming in the (near) future.