EPG wrong

Please check the EPG for channel 17-5, which is RetroTV in Austin, TX.  Please see http://classic.myretrotv.com/prog_schedules/RTVN.pdf for the complete schedule.  Note that the times on that schedule are EASTERN and I am CENTRAL.

@beastman We can solve this quicker with your Tablo’s logs - can you send over your MAC in a PM or a ticket?

@TabloSupport I sent the mac for the last ticket.  Do I need to include the mac each time?  Do you have a database of our names and mac addresses? Also I just installed the beta, and I don’t know what that did to the logs.

@beastman My mistake; it can sometimes be confusing comparing forum names to the email addresses and names that appear as tickets. I’ve submitted a report for 17.5 in Austin.

My other email address has beastman in it.  Someone pointed out beast man, and then noticed the b is for Bill and Eastman is my last name.  I have started using my gmail address more since I can read it on my phone, Also I can keep it if I change isp (Google Fiber is coming this way - it is in South Austin and I’m in North Austin.

@TabloSupport I MISSED recording Dragnet again this past Sunday.  Is there some way that I can edit the guide data?  The times they show Dragnet match the pdf schedule I downloaded EXCEPT I am in Central Time and the schedule pdf file is in EST.
For now I have scheduled to record Sherlock Homes since that is the time slot that is REALLY Dragnet.  Is there a way that a manual recording can be set where I enter the start time and end time? 

@TabloSupport in addition to the above, channel 16-1 is Daystar and the current week schedule is available at http://assets.daystar.com/schedule/print_schedule.php?week=current&zoneOffSet=America/Chicago

channel 17-3 is SBN with the schedule at http://www.sonlifetv.com/tvprogramguide.html

channel 17-4 is MCBN whos schedule is at http://www.mcbntv.com/schedule they only show the current time.  I haven’t found a week or monthly schedule for it. 
None of these two channels currently shows anything in the guide.

Sometime this month KBVO is supposed to be viewable to all of Austin (I’ve been in contact with the Engineer).  I’ll rescan at that point and see if it has a schedule.  It is currently only viewable in Llano but they are changing frequencies and signal strength. T-Mobile want’s the spectrum that the existing station uses.

On May 31, 2015 Buzzr TV is supposed to be on 7-3 in Austin and on all FOX stations sub channel.