EPG SLOW and request for change

Please consider making the EPG be TEXT instead of icons at least on phones.  THAT is one of the syncing problems.  Also you CAN NOT see what is one.  The screen is only seven inches. 

A Spurs game is on TONIGHT on channel 14.1 KBVO-CD which still has the wrong schedule, so I have to do a manual recording. It doesn’t show up under basketball because your guide doesn’t know it is basketball.  @TabloTV PLEASE get the schedule fixed or SWITCH PROVIDERS if your existing provider doesn’t know how.  TitanTV has the correct schedule.  Please consider switching to them. 

Someone from a different fourun contacted Schedule Direct and they said it will be fixed soon.

@beastman Thanks for the feedback! We’re still working with our guide provider to consistently improve the data that we offer. Feel free to touch base with us directly and we can provide you with updates on this directly.

@TabloSupport - Thought I would mention that 14-1 FINALLY has the CORRECT schedule. 

Please see about EPG for the following:

16-1 KADT-LD, 17-4 MCBN,17-3 SBN, and17-6 REVN

Just a reminder...I'm in Austin, TX 78758