Enjoy While It Exists

TabloTV technology is way down.
Support is steady M-F 9-5 one person.

Continuing to enjoy it, thank you.
Haven’t needed Support for years, so I hope the one person isn’t lonely.

Changed wifi password. Tablo died.
Called support. Had to spell my password.

I think I contacted support once back in 2016. Really. Haven’t needed them since. Really.

Maybe one person means they are just that darn good. I don’t think I ever called them. I have contacted them online a few times.

For what it’s worth, we have a whole group of support reps. They’re one of the largest departments in the company.


Your support is a heck of a lot better then the support I get from my ISP.

yeah, but that’s like saying “it’s better than the milk produced by my mailbox.”

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…which tastes a bit tinny.

I notice they are in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

So they are the Eh-team (In case you don’t get it, Canadians say 'Eh" a lot. and there was a program called the A-Team, yo Fool !)