Enhancements Tablo is working on?

Good morning,

It would be wonderful if Tablo provided a list of enhancements they are working on. This would be beneficial in many ways:

  1. would stop the occurrences of repeated feature requests,
  2. would allow users to give feedback on design/functionality changes,
  3. prove the naysayers wrong (tablo will never do 5.1 surround, etc.),
  4. lead to customer excitement on new features and bug fixes
  5. prevention of losing customers who are tired of waiting on the enhancements that “never will come”

Thanks for considering!

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Tablo has done this purposely, not announcing new features they are working on, so as not to give an edge to competitors.


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Plus, sometimes priorities change and we need to move a feature up or down in our roadmap. Or we need to wait to bring a new feature into an app because it requires server-side work to be completed first.

While we try to be as transparent as we can, we just can’t be that transparent about everything we’ve got in the works.

And if you have feedback, requests, or suggestions post them here, tell us on social media, or keep a list for our bi-annual user survey which is coming up VERY soon.


Excellent ideas! :slight_smile:

I love the fact that Tablo does solicit feature requests, and do not see stopping that practice as beneficial. I believe it’s a strength, rather than an irritant, as it encourages participation from it’s own install base. This is forward-thinking, a good practice and a very good company doing very good things.

Some might think, while not touting future (or possible) enhancements, that Tablo prefers to under-promise and over-deliver. This is unusual in today’s product and service world, something that sets Tablo’s business practices apart from the crowd.

One way to get a heads up on what is being developed is to join the beta program. There is a risk that recordings during the beta phase won’t work correctly, but overall you get to see new features first hand and help troubleshoot any issues.

I will be honest. I probably use my Tablos less than almost any of you here. Ever since I cut the cord, my interest in network TV has really waned, and I get most of my tv viewing through new series on Netflix, Amazon Prime (Jack Ryan was amazing), and my anime channels. But I love this product so much, I feel like a QA tester / Customer support rep because I want it to succeed. :slight_smile:


You mean you don’t work for Tablo, snowcat?! ( j/k! ) Over the years, I’ve noticed you’ve been very active in helping others (even when I didn’t have a Tablo, I lurked here from time to time). Much appreciated and hope you stick around to help us all.