Engine guide grid only shows a maximum of 8 hours?

Hi All.

New Tablo user here!

I set up a Tuner Adapter and the Engine app on my Nvidia Shield on Friday and, other than unexpectedly poor video quality for the nearby CBS affiliate, my big frustration is that the grid is never populated beyond a maximum of 8 hours, and is often only 5 or 6.

Is this normal? I know the guide data is updated in the background, even while the Engine app is in standby, but even manually updating guide data doesn’t help.

Thanks in advance!

Okay then… apparently, as the saying goes, the seventh time is the charm! :wink:

After manually stopping the Engine app from Android settings a few times to deal with non-stop spinning circles and general slowness, along with manually updating guide data, it now populates out to 24 hours.

In fact, if I wait a few seconds after scrolling right in the grid, to the end, it goes past 24 hours… at least 48 hours so far.


Hmm… I wonder if the developers know what they’ve done… :sunglasses:

Thanks to all that stopped by this thread to have a look!