Endless sync with Ubuntu 14.04 tablet

I can connect and play through Tablo on every PC in the house, except I have a ubuntu 14.04 mounted on a table that I keep by my desk as my desk “TV.” The web app says it is connected, but has been syncing over night. I just restarted the router and the tablet; no change. Been syncing for about an hour now. Wired LAN.

"… on a tablet.

What browser are you using on said Ubuntu tablet?

Firefox. I cannot get Chrome installed. I have used Firefox on this unit for months with no problem, though this started before the 2.2.2 installation, so not sure what the deal is. But it does connect, just not sync. Are there degrees of connection?

Have you tried clearing the cache and browser data in Firefox?

@oldmike - Our servers were a bit overloaded this weekend due to the amount of people getting the new software. We’ve added some more horsepower and will be adding more over the coming weeks. Try again now - it should be A-OK.

Really: interaction with your system is required for my local machine to sync with my local Tablo unit?

Anyway, cleared the cache, etc, and it has been an hour, so pretty clear it is not going to sync, though reports it is connected. Meanwhile, launched Firefox on my Windows 10 PC, wired to the same router as is the table, and it connected in 20 seconds and sync’d in another 20 seconds.