Endless "connecting", unable to access to record

Oops, this time my wife reported that SHE was not able to access the Tablo to record some things today.

I tried hard to find my previous post on the same topic but wasn’t able to. Then it was ALL devices for the whole evening.
This time it was her phone, don’t know about computer as she’s not familiar with this computer or Tablo on computer, and by the time I got home from work it was working fine, at least via COMPUTER.
She said that ALL DAY it was stuck “connecting”, just like I have described in the past. 
I did save logs from my computer and Chrome as the computer was left running and connected.
She said that the router was lit up like a Christmas tree all day, meaning full connectivity, no drops, no network issues and the blue light was solid on the Tablo all day, it wasn’t a network interruption and she’s had solid Internet all day.
It’s as if the thing decides to have a fit, then works itself out of it later.
Will try to do more troubleshooting to see if I can figure anything out… but this is deja-vu all over again, IMO.  Endless connecting for hours, literally, then it decides to settle down.

I find you have to reboot the tablo in these circumstances 

But once again, it has come back on its own. I wish I had been here to have done testing as it was happening instead of her having to miss out on recording anything. 

I guess I assumed the OS on Tablo wasn’t Windows…  (just joking around)

@ShadowsPapa, doesn’t happen all the time for me, but I would say every 2 weeks or so I find I have to reboot… Probably longer, but yea I agree on the Windows comment :wink: