Enable Fast Live TV

OK, thanks.

Even dumber noob question now - why are some settings in one app, and other settings in another?

Mostly because it’s easy to add settings that don’t need to be adjusted often into the web app. It should be accessible by everyone and is easily updated vs. other apps like the iPad that would require that we do more development work and push a new version into the store and require users to update etc.

While there is some logic to what you say, surely you can see the confusion it may cause.
Presumably the new setting could be put into a new version when you were going to update it anyway.
Just a dumb customer point of view…

Glad I found this thread. I’ve been wondering what this feature is supposed to do.

From day 1 using Tablo I noticed when jumping commercials, 30s jump would be pretty quick for the first 2 jumps but subsequent jumps hang a bit.

Now that TabloTV explained what it’s supposed to do, I may just disable it so that I can learn and adapt to one type of timing instead of two different timings doing the same function.

Is there anything else about this feature that we should know about? It’s the one thing that’s not very well explained during setup.

FWIW as another data point, I used to have the same problem if the feature was enabled. As of the latest firmware release (.30) I no longer have the problem. Huzzah.

Interesting. It appears that I can now enable fast live TV startup as well. I was never able to use this feature prior to the .30 firmware update.

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The feature works great for me. No issues at all.

I’m using a last gen (802.11n) Apple Airport Extreme and everything (Tablo, 3 Rokus) is hardwired using powerline adapters (10/100). For those of you having issues, I would suggest looking at powerline adapters, they really have come a long way in recent years. Wifi can be fast, but it gets crowded very quickly with too many devices.

I reserve my WIfi spectrum for only the devices that need it (iPhones, iPads). I used to have terribly slow performance, but now that only about 5 devices use Wifi, and the rest are on powerline, everything is very, very snappy.

I get the repeat startup and both the Tablo and Roku 3 are wired into the same switch. I haven’t tried it since the new release, though.

I would agree that it may be easier for you @TabloTV but feature parity/consistency is important to a user’s experience and although it doesn’t “bother” me I have noticed the inconsistency across devices. This same thing seems to be happening to Roku as well, likely because of the Netflix app modifications. It kind of hampers the user experience when you can’t be sure you’ll find something you’re looking for in the same place it appears on another device.