Edit Channel Lineup Not Showing Up In Active Channels

When I do a scam I find all the channels I’m able to get, I select them in the “Edit Channel Lineup” but not all will show up in the active channels.

Do you mean that you can see the channel in the Live TV grid but there’s no data for that channel?


Sorry all that came out as gibberish, the autocorrect messed with it. What I am doing is going to the guide settings and going to the edit channel lineup and doing a scan. When I get back out after saving it I wait for the guide status to finish downloading but once it’s done not all of the channels are showing up in the active channels window.
Edit: After reviewing the channels through my phone I get them there but they don’t show up in my TV. The TV is a Philips 55" Smart TV.

What type of Tablo app are you running on the TV? What operating system is it using?

I have since got the result I needed. I had to refresh the channels several times for it to show them all in the guide.