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The reply and cancel at bottom of reply box disappeared for me, had to use Chrome to reply to a topic. Windows 10 is anyone else having this?

Which OS/platform are you using with Chrome?

Chromebooks are extremely popular, migrating away from Windows in a home environment is on the rise.

Same as Edge Windows 10.

Sorry, I’m a complete ding-dong here. As primarily non-Windows, user “Edge” doesn’t jump out as a browser. For some goofy reason I thought maybe your were asking about the reply button on the right edge of the screen/forum.

Sorry for the misunderstandings and inconvenience. I understand Edge to be mostly re-branded Chrome, so, other than settings or extensions there shouldn’t be difference in function. But then again with Windows things happen.

Proofs in the pudding there (like they were before in Edge) in Chrome not in Edge.

MS Edge worked for me.

MS Windows 10 (21H2) build 19044.1826
MS Edge Version 103.0.1264.71 (Official build) (64-bit)

Thanks, updated - reply and cancel back. I assumed was part of the regular updates I get all the time.

I must be a ding-dong too because I thought the same thing. I just thought the question was oddly worded. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

I will NEVER try the Edge browser because MS tried to shove it down my throat with pop ups and they even re-installed it after I removed it. They also made it difficult to change to any other default browser on Win11. Later Mozilla came up with a tool to change the default browser and MS blocked that. MS can go… :rage:… Well… I’m likely switching to Linux because of their overall behavior. If not for a few programs that don’t have Linux versions I already would have switched completely.

I’m shocked Edge was an issue however since it’s basically a modified version of Chrome. It’s objectively a decent browser.

Have you looked in to CrossOver from Code Weavers? They take wine and customize it to specific software packages for users. I’ve been addicted to Quicken since the days before Windows for my banking.

I hear more and more “I have a computer/laptop but hardly use it”, me, being old I guess I need a keyboard and screen to get things done. Seems outside of a work environment PCs are becoming less and even less.

I do use a Windows at work but virtually everything is done via Chrome so there’s little to nothing MS or Windows specific about what I’m doing. They have a corporate Google Workspace so everything is on Google Drive, we use Gmail, etc. Not that Google is “don’t be evil” anymore… but it’s work stuff not my personal business they’re aggregating for analytics.

sorry for hijacking this topic

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I’m mostly on my mobile devices interacting with my Linux devices remotely. The only apps I don’t have a good Linux replacement for are 3D modeling and programming handheld transceivers. Apparently there is a web based version of Fusion 360 but sadly it’s for educational purposes only. I need to get away from that program anyway. I may simply dual boot my PC. I have a physical switch that can move between sata drives with a push button.

My wife does EVERYTHING in the browser. I may test switching her to Chrome OS. She would barely notice accept probably having better boot times.

EDIT:. My wife and I use Google workspace too. It’s really just my hobbies that require Windows occasionally.

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We jumped ship on Quicken many years ago. Seems like a money grab just Like TurboTax.

I know this is way off-topic…
The CAD programs I know of for Linux are FreeCAD and Blender. I’m pretty sure there are others as well.

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YUP! Now it’s SaS, Software as a Service. Just it keep a register and reconciles it with my bank with a few clicks here and there. It was sold off from Intuit so it needs to generate it’s own profit… and really who installs programs anymore?

You know they have boot loaders for that! You just select which OS you want or allow it to boot to your default selection, or last choice.

yea, what ever happened with that Edge browser? What’s wrong with Firefox? Never miss the reply button, not even the on on the edge of the screen :wink:

I don’t feel too bad about going off topic since the OP’s problem appears to have been a bug that was fixed.

I previously did things that way but you can’t beat the fast boot and power savings of a physical switch. I even keep my DVD drive powered down because I barely use it. The backup drive I use can remain powered down and completely secured from hackers, viruses, and accidents until I need it. Unlike IDE, SATA is even hot swappable and can be mounted in the middle of a session without a reboot. I really like my physical switch. It’s actually 4 switches that fit into a standard slot on the back of the tower. Probably not the best if you switch OS a lot but they also make front side versions.

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