Easier navigation of individual shows

Currently, there is no way to collapse seasons in the UI. What I mean by this, is if I select a show and want to get to say season 4 episode 12, I have to scroll through every episode that comes before it. This could be quite annoying for shows that have 20+ episodes per season and wanting to watch a later episode.

This is mostly a quality of life suggestion but I think a worthy one. Either a way to collapse seasons (so only the season headers show) or be required to select a season first and then an episode. A bit of a UI overhaul one, but I think a good one.

I would like to see this also. But, I must say that with the latest software update to the Fire TV app (and I presume the Android app, although I haven’t tested it) the scrolling is MUCH faster.

@Andrroid - Have you tried pressing & holding the down button? It will actually scroll quite quickly if you do this.

Of course I have tried holding down the button. Sure, the UI doesn’t lag or anything, but its still inefficient and slow. I shouldn’t need to traverse the entire show’s episode catalog if I know the season number and episode number of what I want to watch.