Duplicate channel listings

Any way to remove duplicate channel listing from the live guide?

Duplicate channels? If you go to settings, you can change the channels that show up.

Yeah, I get the same channels listed for a few. Like 5-1 with the same call letters shows up 2 times in the live guide. But when I scan channels I only see one of course.

That does not sound right. I’d send in an email about that.

@byb - Might be due to running two channel scans too closely back-to-back. Try a reset and if that doesn’t work, get in touch with support.

Ok thanks. I’ll try a reset and see how that goes.

Well one of the duplicates went away but I still have one.  Also now a channel that I’ve unchecked shows up plus the channels don’t seem to match what they say they are.  Go to live for local cbs and I get the wrong channel or nothing plays.  My channel database seems to be all screwed up.  I sent a support email and tried a normal reset and factory reset.  Really looking forward to actually using tablo.

After some more resets and clearing my browsing history, cache, and cookies, it did the upgrade and now everything works!  Not sure if clearing the browser helped, but I’m off to set up recording and stream to the roku!

Thanks all for the help!

@byb - Woo hoo! Glad everything sorted itself out.  :-bd

I have the same problem of duplicate channels with the 4T version and latest Sodtware. Also unless I selected BOTH duplicated channels in the channel selection screen, NEITHER will show up in the guide. I reported this BUG two days back but have not received a fix or instructions on a work-around.

I don’t want to so a Reset and potentially have to re-enter all my recording info again, since it isn’t clear what a Reset, of each type, does and doesn’t do!

Very frustrating that Tablo OS isn’t checking for duplicated channels “regardless” of “how close together” a User has done a scan. A few lines of iOS code to do a sort and filter will fix this guys! C’mon! You’ve got an industry leading product and have solved most of the truly tough stuff. Get these “testy” user bugs fixed this week. Do weekly pushes to users so we see steady progress please! Don’t bundle up more than 3 days of coding and 2 days of verification before pushing fixes. Users like the impression of more rapid progress!

I reported this issue as well.  I think it has something to do with receiving the same channel from 2 different transmitters, because I only ever see it for one particular channel.

Last time I re-scanned the duplicate channel went away - it might be because the signal from it is sometimes marginal.

I’m having my big old Winegard antenna professionally hooked up tomorrow.  I’ll try again once that’s done and report back.

@Pundit. I believe you are correct on both counts. Here in the SF Bay Area, 7.1 is duped. Physical channel 7 always shows as 7.1 and sometimes the UHF (physical channel) also shows. I wish Tablo would show the physical channel. That would make it easier to pick the one you want.

Hello everybody. I have been battling this for a long time and found something that works everytime on channel duplicates, player error, channel does not exist error and blank upcoming shows within the live guide… firstly if Tablo’s channel list UNDER SETTINGS has duplicates you need to hold reset button for 30 seconds no less for a hard reset. Then Switch your usb drive to the other usb port. Complete the tablo first time setup and Channel scan…after downloading guide is done, reset Tablo app and Or Browsers… If your currently connected via a browser, select disconnect from tablo. Goto my.tablotv.com. At the “Connect to Tablo” screen, you see yours with the “edit wifi” and “connect” button… Remove it by clicking the X. Then OK to continue. It will retrieve New Tablo"s…click connect…you should be all set for the browser. Do same for all other browsers you use.

If you have Tablo App…
in Android; Settings, Application Manager, Tablo Video Player, Clear Cache, Clear Data, Force Stop. Then, go to Tablo app, Clear Cache, Clear Data, Force Stop… Now, open Tablo, find Tablo and Connect…
note: when opening Tablo app after clearing cache and data, the Tablo Video Player Update may trigger and you may need to enable “allow installation of unknown apps other than Play Store” for it to install. This can be found under, Setting, Security, Unknown Sources…

This has proven to work for me I hope it works for you.