Dual tuner question

I hooked up my dual tuner last night, the hard drive is still in shipping. I will have it tomorrow. Anyhow, I can only view one live tv signal at a time. To put is another way, I can’t watch FOX in the living room and CBS in a bedroom. What gives? Am I doing something wrong? Surely a dual tuner is not limited to 1 live station.

I have a dual tuner and can watch 2 channels at the same time.

EDIT: It may need a hard drive to load 2 channels at the same time. It uses it to store the transcoding from the channels.

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Wait until your hd comes. You need that for the tuner to work tomorrow.

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Needs HD.

Thanks, I was wandering if that was the issue.

Oh, I was quite surprised. The Tablo was able to scan 108 channels including the dash channels. Granted, many of those are in Spanish, Vietnamese or not of interest to me. Still alot of channels.

Thats the antenna, all the Tablo does is record or send the signal to the tv over your network.

But 108 channels is very impressive!

I do recommend limiting your channel list to channels you care about. The more channels you keep in your guide, the slower the syncs will be.

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Yes big thread on that

did that