Dual Lite surround sound

I’ve read the announcements about surround sound. I can’t tell if they’re saying that the surround sound will not work with cloud recording on the Dual Lite. I don’t want to change to surround sound only to find out my recordings are only audio. I’d test it but I have stuff set up to record everyday & I’m afraid I’ll mess up existing stuff. Thanks for any help.


I have this setup and was in the beta, so I can help. For all your supported devices on your home network, surround sound works correctly for live TV and recordings.

The problem is if you want to use Tablo Connect with cloud recordings on Android phones. While live TV will correctly transcode the audio to stereo, it will not transcode cloud recordings audio, and therefore there will be no sound on unsupported Android phones.

Now if you have a supported surround sound device and Tablo connect (say an iPhone), then you will hear audio on recordings and live TV.

Also, you can easily switch surround sound audio on and off for testing. So you won’t mess anything up if you want to look at it.

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Thank you for your help. With this in mind, I’ll enable it tomorrow.

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