Dual Lite OTA - Buffering When Watching Both Live TV and Recording

My dual lite OTA works fine except when watching both live tv and either recording a program; or, watching a recorded program on another TV in the house. Then the live feed starts to buffer. Tablo is not directly connected to my Orbi system’s satellite module. Orbi reports a 5 GHz connection with a 702 Mbps link rate over wifi with the Tablo. I have Apple TV 4k’s (1st and 2nd gen). It seems like the house wifi speed and equipment is not my issue here. I have tried multiple Tablo Live TV and Recording setting combinations (HD 1080 and 720 at various Mbps) and nothing seems to work. What does ultimately work is stopping the recording, or the playback of a recording.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thx

Does the problem occur if you run multiple live TV streams?

This doesn’t account for network congestion. It’s likely negligible, but everything can be as fast a possible, but each has to be processed individually.

I’m not familiar with Apple, but here are various post from users experiencing a variety of issues specific to Apple devices.

Could it be.

Yes it does

I read the article and suspect that this is the issue. Looks like I’ll have to run some ethernet cable and do some testing. Thanks.