Drive 'sharing' with PC

(Tablo employees, look away, and cover your ears.)

Is there some way to partition a hard drive in order to split it for use on BOTH a PC and a Tablo? Not simultaneously, but serially. I have a 4TB external hard drive on my Table Quad. I had a 3TB external drive on one of my desktops, where it served primarily as a backup device. It just failed. I was thinking how fun and convenient it might be to have identical 4TB drives on the PC and the Quad, each one split into two logical devices, and then swapping them back and forth, physically, so that alternating backups were on different devices. Or maybe somehow backing up one to the other. Probably the smarter thing is just to have two external drives on the PC, or do periodic backups to a drive on another desktop.

For those who thrive on complete configuration data:

  • Tablo Quad connected to rooftop antenna and to LAN via WiFi to a decent new router
  • New Sony TV (Android) connected to LAN via WiFi
  • older Vizio ‘dumb’ TV connected to LAN via Roku


Paul in WI

Nope, can’t do that. And you’ll confuse the heck out of the Tablo by switching it’s drives.

There’s a backup script on GitHub ( that will backup the contents of the Tablo to a local disk. Requires Linux or a Linux-like environment, however.

Thanks, FlyingDiver.
I can run Linux on this machine if I have to, but I don’t really care about backing up the Tablo. It’s the PC data I care about. Having just blown up a 3TB drive on my primary desktop, a single outboard drive no longer seems secure enough.

Hi – This is completely unrelated to your intended direction, but I use an online backup service (idrive) that lets me put up a couple of TB of backup data across 5 devices. It’s maybe $80/year or something, which I count as being roughly equivalent to the cost of replacing drives all the darn time, plus it’s in the cloud in case my house burns down, plus the convenience of being able to “restore” the files anywhere I go. Just in case that company goes bankrupt and my data goes “poof”, about 2x per year I suck down the full backup to a single on-premise USB drive (which takes a few days - they throttle).

Just a different possibility to maybe protect your PC data in another way :slight_smile:


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