Downloading.........Firmware 2.1.30

Clicked to install the new firmware more than an hour ago. Tablo STILL says downloading and I am remote to it. Thoughts?

I had the same issue. Downloading … 0% (forever!). Finally my Tablo stopped responding to anything… pressing blue button did nothing. I hard power cycled it… resync’d (practically forever) and then started the update again. That time it succeeded. I’d say that upgrading a Tablo is either great or horrible… nothing in between. Not sure if there is a fix.

Have you sent us a note? We can check out your Tablo on our end to see what’s going on. I know you’re remote - but is there any way you can have someone tap the blue reset button on the Tablo?

Yeah I won’t be able to do that for a hew hours yet. I imagine that should resolve it. I’ll keep you posted.

My wife stopped home and was able to reset it for me. The updated worked after a reboot. Thanks!