Downloading done - now what? No instructions

I am setting up my new Quad 4 and am in the process of downloading the guide. It appears to be complete according to the progress bar, but then the screen stays at the Downloading Schedule screen. What do I do to start watching channels?

What device are you using to access your Tablo DVR?

You should be able to access the menu by clicking on the top left icon.

Samsung Q70R smart TV.

Aha… Setup needs to be done via a smartphone, tablet, PC, Roku, or Apple TV:

Actually, the Tablo app is available for my Q70R, and I downloaded and updated it. It scanned a list of available channels from which I chose my favorites, then proceeded to load the guide for those channels. But then it got stuck and wouldn’t go further. Tablo support said to delete and reinstall the app, which I will try next.

I unplugged everything, re-installed the app from the TV
(I still don’t know how), and now it seems to work. Holding my breath.

I also had to push the Tablo reset button to get it to format the HD, which it did immediately. Trying to format from the settings menu didn’t work. All seems to be fine now. BTW, your HD will spin 24/7; apparently, this is normal.

Depends on the hard drive. The WD Elements self powered drives go to sleep after a period of non-use. Depends on the drive firmware.