Download Tablo app-Ipad

I have an Ipad Pro 12.2
Tablo doesn’t show up in the app store?

I think I found the problem.

My iPad Pro (running 12.3 now) is the 10.5 inch model. I found a post that the new version of Tablo doesn’t work on this device. I’m guessing the app has been pulled until it has been debugged.

Is that the model or iOS version? I have an 11" iPad Pro running iOS 12.3 and I see both the Web and standard version in the App Store.

Also, which store are you using? The US store?

Ipad Pro running IOS 12.2
US store
I’ll try to update to 12.3
I’m now running 12.3 Tablo app not visible.

This is the link to the Canadian store, but should link you to the US store.

Tablo Web App by Nuvyyo Inc.